Isabella Lauder-Frost

Senior Director


An art historian by training and with more than a decade of art market and collection management experience to draw upon, Isabella Lauder-Frost advises our clients across impressionist, modern and contemporary art. Her specialties include art in France between 1850 and 1950 — with a particular focus on the work of Pablo Picasso as well as in post-war art in Europe and the US. Isabella has worked with some of the world’s most established and highly-valued collections in acquisitions and sales from these periods and beyond.

Prior to joining Murphy and Partners, Isabella worked at Helly Nahmad in London for over nine years. During this time, she advised on acquisitions and sales, brought large consignment groups to auction and worked on institutional exhibitions of the collection which ranges from 1800 to present day. 

Isabella has a wide network of global museum contacts and strong relationships with a large range of leading experts in all fields of art and design.

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