Zelie Walker-Noble

Director of Client Development


Zelie Walker-Noble joined Murphy & Partners in November 2017, bringing more than a decade of international art world experience to the firm. A specialist in client strategy, Zelie is Murphy & Partners’ Director of Client Development, devising our acutely specialised and thoughtful approach to the needs of our private collectors.

Prior to joining Murphy & Partners, Zelie worked at Christie’s in London and Hong Kong for over ten years. During this time, she held roles in European and Asian top client management, served as the Head of Special Events in Asia, and was the Client Strategy Director for the Luxury specialist departments. Zelie has a unique and in-depth knowledge of clients and the art market– including multi-category collections from all over the world. During her five years in Hong Kong, Zelie was the Director of a well-known contemporary art gallery for two years, resulting in a wide network of contacts in Asia’s increasingly globalised art world.

Zelie holds an International BA Hons in Fine Art from the University of Leeds, and alongside other art-loving members of her family, she co-owns a non-profit art space and artist studios enterprise in Peckham where she lives with her husband and baby daughter.

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