About Us

What we do

Murphy & Partners provides collectors with the highest level of connoisseurship, access, independent market knowledge, bespoke art advisory and collection management services.

We specialise in advising public, private, and corporate collections and family estates.

Through strategic buying and selling, we build value into our clients’ collections.

We curate world-class collections that reflect our clients’ vision and goals.

Our tailored approach enables us to create dynamic art experiences for our clients to realise their collection ambitions

Our Values

At Murphy & Partners our clients are at the centre of everything we do.

Our collective art market expertise, combined with sophisticated art historical understanding, informs all our creative strategies.

We have the flexibility and agility to respond quickly to changes in the market and cultural landscape on behalf of our clients.

At all times, our clients can trust that we operate with absolute transparency, integrity and discretion.


Our approach to collecting combines a honed eye for the strongest artworks, market expertise and cultivated sense of the longevity and appreciation of artists and their works.

We fuse our clients’ aesthetic and thematic collecting interests with our expert market knowledge and high-level access in order to source exceptional artworks and negotiate the best possible price.

We seek out artworks that are visually stimulating and have market potential, catering to our clients’ budget, aesthetic, and long-term vision.

We are especially skilled at tracking down specific types of artworks for collectors through our broad network of dealers, galleries and auction house experts, as well as access to private collections.

Murphy & Partners also aim to build the provenance and value of artworks purchased for clients by facilitating loans to museum exhibitions and through the discreet and strategic resale of artworks when necessary.

In addition to providing curation and buying expertise, we also discreetly manage the strategic de-accession of artworks on behalf of collectors in order to achieve the highest possible sales price.

Services offered range from curating artworks within corporate buildings and homes, creation and management of collections database, archive and inventory, managing installation of artworks, arranging loans and shipping of artworks, and overseeing safe storage and conservation of artworks.