Art Advisory

Private Collections, Estates and Foundations

• Formulate and refine collector’s personal vision and goals for their art collection

• Educational visits to museum collections and exhibitions

• Identify and access the most exceptional artworks available at the best possible price based on collecting goals

• Visits to art fairs, artist studios, and private art dealers

• Advance coverage of international auction offerings and visits to the auction previews

• Recommendation of specific works

• Analysis of art market related to specific collecting goals

• Research on provenance, condition and comparable works

• Negotiation of transactions

• Management of inventory, conservation, framing, shipping and installation

• Advice on insurance, appraisal valuations, storage solutions, collection database system, museum loans along with estate, tax and philanthropic planning. We collaborate with top experts in each of these areas to provide the most comprehensive personalised service.

• Advise and manage the de-accession of artworks through auction and private sales along with charitable gifts


Corporate Collections and Public Art Advisory

• Advise on the integration of vanguard art into indoor and outdoor public spaces

• Development of curatorial approach and investment goals for corporate art collections

• Advise on the development of site specific public art commissions and acquisitions that will reflect the image the corporation wants to project to its customers, employees and other constituencies

• Develop art commissions and acquisitions that create an inspiring and exciting experience for viewership

• Recommendation of specific artists and artworks

• Negotiation of transactions

• Management of site specific commissions by artists

• Management of fabrication, conservation, shipping and installation

• Implementation of communications and education programs

• Organisation of opening events for art commissions and installations